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I live in a small town Young Saskatchewan.

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I worked with kids from the ages of 7 to 16 for a number of years. I then  moved to Anglin Lake where I met  a lot of good Friends. I worked for Parks Canada in the National Park for a few years. I then  transferred into Health Canada for another 18 years when I took a early retirement due to Health Transfer agreements between Health Canada and the different Native Bands throughout the Province. I worked for the Federal Government a total of 38 years. I took a early interest in Ham Radio and Electronics which I made My Hobby living alone on the Family Farm with Mother, Dad and two Sisters I made Crystal sets using a headset given to Me by My Dad's Cousin who lived in Iowa and a led Crystal which cost all of 50 cents. The rest was made out of a Apple or Orange crate which were wood at that time, a small spring and some old wire that was thrown away from some electrical shop or the Power Company in Prince Albert which has now been replaced by the Hydro through out most  of the Province. My favorite enjoyment is touring around the Province and other Provinces. I like to Camp and do a little Canoeing  short walks as well, and of course working My Mobile and or Portable Ham Radio. below are some pictures of some of the things My Friends and I have done over the years to better Ham Radio in our Saskatchewan the Land of Living Sky's just click the pictures to make them larger.
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These pictures are the beginning of the BBI Repeater situated at Anglin Lake. Later on ;the repeater was placed in a fridge in the Prince Albert National Park. At Anglin Lake a hole was dug in the ground about eight feet by six feet and since it was at a fire tower and vehicles were running over it a 3/8 steel boiler plate lid was placed over the hole. The hole had to be picked and shoveled out every inch of the way the ground was so hard. The repeater was battery operated and I drove up and down with My car in the summer and by using My Skidoo in the winter time every two weeks, to change batteries until the following spring. We a Friend of mine and myself then attempted to put up a wind charger made from a old Alternator that had been rewound by us. One of the pictures shows the wind charger in the experimental stages needless to say it did not work that well for a number of reasons one being the blade was the same width all the way through so that when the wind speed got up to thirty mph and the Alternator started to draw heavy current it would just stop.and another reason there were seventy foot white Aspen (white poplar) trees so there was very little wind to turn the charger. Working for the National Park and given the option the Repeater was moved to the Park and worked very well for a number of years in a old Fridge with the Handle removed and chained to the tower.The Battery was placed with a charger that was home made in the compressor compartment of the old Fridge good ventilation and worked real well. The repeater is still at the Blue Bell Hill site in the National Park although may changes to have been made to linking it is no longer in the old Fridge and the repeater has been replaced with all new commercial Motorola equipment operated by the P.A.Radio Club.

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